2nd KITCHEN exhibition was held in Lille (France), from March 22nd to April 20th 2013 in the gallery quai26 , owned by French photographer Dominique Coulon. Photographers-partcipants were Andrey Korotich (Kiev, Ukraine), 2S8 (Moscow, Russia), Lloyd Hughes (Perth, Australia), Marthe Sobczak (Paris, France).


2S8 – a novice photographer from Russia, living among Moscow, Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg. Admires her grandmother, ex-photographer. Carrying photo camera almost everywhere, she is giving preference to the black and white Photography.

Andrey Korotich – has been making short films and video clips since 2005. Starts taking pictures on the medium format film in 2007. Actually works for famous magazines such as TOP10, Elle Ukraine, Fashion Seasons, One of us, Iodine . Andrey also shoots promo movies for the Ukrainian fashion designers. Since 2011 photographer creates several audio-visual projects in collaboration with Ensemble Nostri Temporis band .

Lloyd Hughes – photographer who has spent most of his life in the South of Australia and is very interested in exploring new horizons. Lloyd travels a lot especially through Europe which inspires him. Film photography is the basis of his work. In 2012 he had the first solo exhibition Penelope, Odysseus and the time it takes to reach the beginning which is based on The Odyssey by Homer.

Marthe Sobczak – is French photographer with Polish roots, a graduate of the famous School of Art Gobelins in Paris. Being a model for a long time, Marthe was on the other side of the lens. She started taking photos, without hiding her love for drawing.



Dominique Coulon is a founder and a permanent director of one of the most prestigious galleries in the North of France quai26 in Lille. He started his career as a fashion and advertising photographer. In 2004 and 2006 he took part in the annual festival Transfotographiques in Lille, where he presented his series of images named Dialogues of the body . Gallery quai26 is visited with great interest by collectors and public figures of the city and the whole country.


KITCHEN’s main goal is supporting of young photographers that is why it deserved my greatest attention. I was first impressed and interested by the energy and tenacity of Ramona Apalko while defending her project. KITCHEN, artistic “cooking”, is for me an experience which deserves to be supported and promotioned. For more than four years, quai26 exhibits artists who have chosen photography as a way of expression. I will defend this project with a great excitment and exhibit works of four selected photographes. (c) Dominique Coulon


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