4th КITCHEN exposition was held from 02nd to 27th of February 2015 in ES māja in Riga (Latvia). Photographers participants: Marco Miraglia (Paris, France), Asya Belova (Riga, Latvia), Puzzleman Leung (Macao, China), Jesse Boyd Reid (Sydney, Australia).


10965394_819194941481533_1266099284_n Asya Belova photographe portraitiste, was born in Tomsk, since recently lives & works in Riga – city that she considers the most beautiful place in the world. Her self-portraits usually mirror her deepest moods. Considers meaningless the images without presence of a human being. Draws inspiration in a dynamic music. Favorite quote: “Photography is not a sport. It has no rules” by Bill Barndt.

Jesse Boyd Reid – grew up in the rainforest surrounding Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia. When he was fifteen years old his dad gave him an old 35mm Nikon which he still uses today. Describes his style as a mixture of documentary style and snapshot aesthetic. The last couple of years have been assisting professional photographers in Sydney. Featured as a Nikon photographer. Last book read: ‘Goodbye to Berlin’,by Christopher Isherwood.

unnamed (2) Marco Miraglia – studied Cinema at the “DAMS” University in Bologna. Participated as photographer in collateral events: Human Rights Nights Festival & Kiev Fashion Days. Try to keep photography separated, as a very personal research and achievement. As videomaker shots and directs several music videos in Italy, France, UK and South Korea. Sharpness and geometry in his works can be felt in every little detail. Owns a little collection of Olympus Mju. Favorite junk food: sushi.

unnamed (1)Puzzleman Leung – was graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts, bachelor of arts. Got a PX3 bronze prizes in non-professional group in 2011. Changes his camera everytime he is depressed with the made pictures. Some melancholy, some gloominess, some confusion, plus some humor can absolutely be felt in his works. Would like to read a personal diary of Guy Bourdin to know how his masterpieces were formed.





ES māja (mākslas telpa) – art space for exhibitions, discussions and any other artistic activites.


I’m certain that KITCHEN exposition 2015 was a successful event. I like exhibition’s concept which tends to unite absolutely different photographers, the art space created by Ramona Apalko was cosy and stylish. Thanks to habitants of Riga for appreciating it too!