Photoconcert is freshly created concept (invented by Ramona Apalko & Kristina Morins) which suggests a new form of relationship between two media: photography and music. Within the frame of this event, held on 25 July 2015 in Riga (Latvia), “KITCHEN exposition” traditionally united four young Latvian photographers: Annija Veldre, Asya Belova, Kristina Sisejeva and Madara Gritāne. The Ukrainian photographer Lesya Polesya from Kiev has become a special participant. Each photographer-participant had a challenge to create an exclusive photofable inspired by a song from “Kris&Oz” playlist.


unnamed Annija Veldre – defines herself as a photographer, who does not want to stick to one style; she rather explores, wonders and dreams. Favorite quote: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”, which, in her book, suits to Fine Photography as well. Her secret talent: can easily remember building lock numbers. First memory related to photography: taking random photos of flowers and trees in her countryside house. Last book read: Phaidon’s “The Art Book”. Made her #photofabula for Kris&Oz’s song “Lost”.

unnamed (4) Madara Gritāne – describes her photographic style as intuitive. Uses Canon A1 and keeps experimenting mainly with analog cameras. One of her favorite photographers is Lars Tunbjörk, because of his way of questioning the world. Always takes a pen and a notebook before going in a trip. Last book read: Murakami “Norwegian Wood”. Made her #photofabula for Kris&Oz’s song “Image of you”.

Kristina Sisejeva – her first memory related to photography: taking a photo of a peach pit and actually founding it worth. Wants to read her own diary and plans to do it in 2060. Uses Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR camera. Draws inspiration in mother Nature and plants in particular. Made her #photofabula for Kris&Oz’s song “I see the world”.

unnamed Lesya Polesya – photographer living in Kiev. Favorite quote: “A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” by Diane Arbus. First picture ever taken : misty and wet street, light lamps, headlights and traffic signals. Votary of a healthy lifestyle. Seeks for inspiration in dancing, perfumes, music, cinematography, nature. Last book read: “62, modelo para armar” by Jules Florencio Cortázar. Made her #photofabula for Kris&Oz’s song “Just about time”.

unnamed (3) Asya Belova – photographe portraitiste, was born in Tomsk, since recently lives & works in Riga – city that she considers the most beautiful place in the world. Considers meaningless the images without presence of a human being. Draws inspiration in a dynamic music. Favorite quote: “Photography is not a sport. It has no rules” by Bill Barndt. Made her #photofabula for Kris&Oz’s song “Count on me”.




Kris&Oz – musical duo from Riga created in 2014 by Kristina Morins (Kris) and Arturs Osipovs (Oz). Kris&Oz’s visitcard are dreamy melodies and inspirational rhytms. Keep calm & listen to “Kris&Oz”:



Cita Puse – atmospheric bar & art gallery, created in 2013 by Algis Jelnionis and Roma Mikhailov. “Cita Puse” holds about 50 different kind of events per year. Permanent address: 11.novembra krastmala 35.



KITCHEN exposition keeps testing new concepts of events, involving young photographers and searching for new kind of relationships between photography and other medias. This year, inspired by Kris&Oz’s playlist, a freshly created concept of a #photoconcert was born. After observing a fantastic feedback, KITCHEN exposition will certainly continue to promote a notion of #photoconcert in Riga and elsewhere. Stay tuned!


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